32. Moving on up

Photo by karl chor

A few things happened this week, but the main event would be that I made it official that I was relocating to Brisbane from Melbourne. That took the form of letting the team at my previous job know. We’ve been together for 5 years so it felt a little bit anti-climactic, but that’s the nature of endings. Sometimes it’s a whisper, and that’s ok.

My Taxibox arrived with my Stuff from Melbourne, and it took all of 20 minutes to unpack it. I don’t own a lot of things, it turns out. The only thing I cared about were my ugg boots – it’s been chilly in Brisbane, and I hate having cold toes, so my uggs are currently The Best Thing Ever. Highly recommend the Taxibox service btw, it’s efficient and their hold music is the Mario theme. 

This week I also had a super long 3 hour interview for a potential new role, and some followup interviews with the C-Suite. At MiniMega, we started exploring publisher relationships.


An interesting take on the theme of “robots taking our jobs”, and why a universal basic income is likely the best solution.

A regular read as a reminder to live the simple life.

When folks ask what my investing strategy is, I explain I’m building a perpetual money making machine. This article covers that explanation in much better detail than I could!

How our love of gaming comes from our love of stories. Why do so many adults turn off their imaginations as they get older and lose the basic rules of making up stories?

Listening to

a16z podcast on growth & user acquisition (Parts One & Two)


I’ve been getting back into watching TV shows – I’ve started at the first season of the anime Ghost in the Shell. Vibing a Japanese post-cyberpunk techno universe at the moment.

Best life

I’ve returned to the gym and my weights program! It sucks starting at low weights again, but it’s just more motivation to keep progressing.

The week ahead…

I’m reintroducing gaming on the PS4 into my life with Prey, and we’ll see how that plays out. I also expect a few more interviews and publisher calls, and I have two additional certification exams to knock off on Monday & Tuesday. The rest of the week is free and clear!