38. Press Start

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I start my new role tomorrow, and it’s also day one in a co-working space. I’m looking forward to getting back to work. It’s been exactly 6 months today since I last worked full-time. The time off was necessary for me, and the lifestyle change that accompanied it has been welcome. I feel more grounded, and a new approach to living my life is opening up for me.

There’s no one to blame in how my life was before; I can’t blame myself for my own ignorance at what was really occurring to me both mentally and physically. Ultimately I didn’t know what I had to do to care for myself; but I did know I had to stop and take stock. A line in a link below stood out to me: “It wasn’t who I am, but it was who I thought I needed to be.”


Why Design World Legend Tina Roth Eisenberg Would Rather Build Four of Her Own Businesses Than Work for Someone Else (WealthSimple, 5 minutes)
Tina founded CreativeMornings (among other businesses), and I liked her frank discussion about the client-service model: “You really have to be a certain type of personality to be okay with the client-service model. I like to build something, I like to figure something out. I don’t like just to dip in and shake it up and then hand it back.” Totally me. Give me a problem to solve, and then let’s see it through together.

There Is a Crack in Everything, That’s How the Light Gets In: Leonard Cohen on Democracy and Its Redemptions (Brain Pickings, 20 mins)
Just some food for the brain, mixing art and topical discussion.

Burned Out and Fantasizing About a Big Life Reset? Start Here (Medium, 15 minutes)
The article gets a bit preachy towards the end, but it’s a good primer that would have been helpful six months ago! It’s the source of that quote from earlier.

Listening to/Watching

I’ve been digging through Sly Flourish/Mike Shea’s back catalogue of D&D prep videos in anticipation for a game I’m running this weekend.


I went Kickstarter Krazy this week backing:

Best life

I’m gonna try to make KFC but with cauliflower, because apparently the 11 herbs and spices are finally revealed.

I’m also moving to pescatarian from keto vegetarian. I’ve been keto for 4 months, and vegetarian for 6. I’ve definitely had some remarkable weight loss and I felt great (20kg and counting). The problem is that I’m getting really run down lately, and exhausted come the afternoons. I haven’t been able to maintain ketosis, so I’m in this weird halfway point of continually trying but continually knocking myself out. My body is rebelling. Better to just put a pause on it for a while, get my equilibrium back, and see how I feel.

So I’m going to increase my intake of protein & fibre via beans and grains, and also bring some fish into my diet. But the best bit was walking into the supermarket today and realising that I can finally eat biscuits with my french onion dip. A man has to have some vices.

The week ahead…

Starting work tomorrow; two networking events on Tuesday; onsite with a client on Tuesday & Wednesday; and I’m DM’ing a first session of Lost Mine of Phandelver for some new D&D players on Saturday. I’m going to tweak it slightly and use the Village of Homlet instead of Phandelin with a few other hooks, should they players want to explore those adventures. Should be fun!