33. Incremental progress

Photo by Pedro Lopes on Unsplash

This week was a slower week than others. Achievements were larger, but less frequent. On Monday & Tuesday I ticked off some industry certification with PRINCE2 Practitioner and Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO1). Later in the week I sold my 65″ TV, I sold my big couch and recliners, and upgraded my PS4 to a PS4 Pro. I also started gaming again, introducing Prey into my gaming repertoire. I’ve had some great chats about work opportunities this week as well, so I’m looking forward to continuing that next week.

Overall the process of minimising Stuff while also maximising Value is incrementally progressing.


Would it surprise you to learn I have no reading to link to this week? It would? Oh – ok. SURPRISE!

Listening To

The 75 albums every man should own is informing my current musical playlist. I’ve started at 75.

Death Cab for Cutie have a new album out that I’m waiting for the right time to listen to.

I’m blitzing my backlog of Planet Money episodes this week, which is basically “the American economy explained”. I would love if we had an Australian version.


This learning how to learn course on Coursera. Many many tactics to apply!

The trailer for Star Wars Resistance, the new Star Wars cartoon from master showrunner Dave Filoni. Coming October, which is not soon enough. I hope there’s some more Thrawn.

Best life

I’ve been struck down with the manflu this week, so my gym routine has suffered. Back on the wagon next week.

The week ahead…

Not a huge week planned, fortunately. Tuesday will be a day of people time, I’m heading to two meetups to meet like minded folks in Brisbane. Family time on the weekend, but otherwise a rather quiet week planned!