31. Beach vibes


Photo by Oz MLCN on Unsplash

This week we had our annual general meeting for MiniMega, hosted at the Innovation Centre at Coffs Harbour Technology Park. My family & I stayed in Sawtell at a lovely Airbnb which was brilliant. We were right on the main surf beach, within walking distance to the RSL, SLSC, cafes, and water. It’s a lovely part of the world, and I can highly recommend the little Airbnb house we stayed in.

One major outcome from the AGM is that we’re exploring new revenue models for MiniMega, so I’ll be actively involved in exploring that challenge.

This week also saw the first of the month roll around, which means it’s my favourite time of the month: balancing the budget! I thought I’d share a bit of reading about my investment approach and how I handle my personal finances each month.


Not a lot of work reading this week, since I was mentally focused on the AGM.

One thing I did explore though was the Scrum guide, a guide to the scrum development methodology. Very different from PRINCE2 and rightly so, they’re different methodologies for different types of projects. I prefer scrum with kanban for managing a code development project. #funfact


The investing strategy of an Australian financial independence blogger. This post led me down the path to evaluate LICs (listed investment companies) as part of my portfolio, versus straight index funds. Australia is rather unique in that the franking credits system makes dividend payments an attractive option to corporations who make a profit, so I’ve decided to split some of my investment into LICs to ride the dividend gravy train.

The post I wish I’d written: combining D&D and personal finance. Genius explanation of personal finance, using D&D references as a guide.

(watching) this talk by Mr Money Moustache on the purpose of money and happiness. Well worth a sit down to listen & contemplate.

A republished article that was the original inspiration two years ago for the spreadsheets I created to manage the bigger picture of my personal finances. Run your life like a business, and you’ll be managing your money with an income statement and a balance sheet (P&L). Check out the spreadsheet templates if you’re interested. NB: the numbers in the sheets are fake, so replace those (and the categories!) with what makes sense for you.

Listening to

Ólafur Arnalds, touring in November. Have wanted to see him live for 7 years.


I bit the bullet and bought a NAS (Network Access Server) to host a media server. It’s a simple 1 bay 4TB storage setup, but it’ll be a fun toy and hopefully a welcome addition to my home tech setup.

This tiny projector from LG (action shot)

Ever Eco stainless steel straws

Rocket emoji app for Mac

This $4.95 USB bluetooth audio receiver that enables my car radio to play podcasts & tunes from my phone. Take THAT, unnecessary expensive stereo upgrade!

Best life

I’ve started with MCT oil with my morning coffee. Been a bit off the wagon for Keto since Melbourne, so getting back on.

Also signed up for a local gym (gasp) since I miss the routine of lifting heavy things up and putting them down again. This is in addition to the Elements bodyweight work I’m starting.

The week ahead…

I’ll be completing my exams for PRINCE2 certification; returning to the Stronglifts routine in the gym; starting the Elements routine with GMB fitness; and completing the 30th book that I’ve read in 2018.

It’s the first week in the last month that I haven’t had anything major planned, so I’m looking forward to having a quiet week with lots of reading, coffee, and catchups.