Oh hey! I’m Adam Corney, nice to meet you.

By day, I’m a professional in the product & digital marketing industry in Brisbane Australia. I’m a helper. I team up with senior leaders to help teach & improve the digital capabilities of their teams; and I work with product and marketing teams to understand the cool stuff that their products enable their users to do.

By night (and early morning), I live on the internet (writing, reading, talking), hanging out in Brisbane, and cooking so much good food.

I’ve lived in two cities – Brisbane and Melbourne – and I’ve travelled to 28 countries.

Clearly, there’s more of the world to see. I’m an ultralight traveller, which is a fun challenge.

I’m also:

  • a reformed carnivore 🦖 who now eats plants 95% of the time 🌿🦕;
  • a former unfit booze hound who chose to live a better life 🏋️‍♂️🧘‍♂️;
  • a coffee lover ☕️;
  • an essentialist, which is kinda like a minimalist ⚪️;
  • a hiker ⛰🏕;
  • a storyteller through playing pen-and-paper role playing games 🧙‍♂️🤗;
  • dad to a cat; an uncle; and a loving friend ❤️
  • the king of Sunday afternoon naps 😴.

I’m a Myers-Briggs/16Personalities INTJ-T, and an Enneagram 2w1.
In summary: I’m someone who enjoys helping others, and I have a huge capacity to grok complex ideas or systems quickly and solve for a clear solution. Nothing fascinates me more than finding a problem and devising an effective and innovative solution.
The other side of my personality coin also means that I’m prone to issues with self esteem and doubt; a need to control chaos; and I often forget to take care of myself properly while I’m focused on pleasing others. My basic fear is of being unloved; conversely, my basic desire is to be loved. It’d be pretty clear then that my love languages are quality time and physical touch.

“You’re either getting better, or you’re getting worse. There’s no staying the same.”

I started Kintobor on 22 July 2018 as a channel for creative expression: to make something on a regular basis, and then share that something with the world.

Want to get in touch? Email me kintobor (at) corney (dot) me!