In 2019, I’m taking a holiday every season. Autumn’s holiday is late in the season, and I headed to Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia.

I stayed near Seminyak Square in a little self-contained villa. The area is far enough from the maddening crowds to be calm, but central enough to be comfortable for my wants – which were, in order of importance: good coffee, massages, and great food.

My day usually consisted of breakfast in the villa courtesy of the lovely staff (I had staff, that was weird), coffee, a massage, lunch at various places, and then dinner at one of a few favourites.

I also caught a movie down in Kuta (a $5 taxi ride away) because in my experience, cinemas in SE Asia have the best sound systems and screens.

Rinse and repeat for a week.

I read eight point five books on the trip, watched the finale of Game of Thrones, and ran my usual Wednesday night online D&D session with my party of players from Sydney.

I was (sadly) fairly bored by the end of the trip, having realised that I should have had a few planned events or adventures. Each day kinda mooshed into the next. Ah well, live and learn! That’s the whole point of taking a short holiday each season.

Next trip is August/September, and I was originally heading to Thailand but after this experience, I’ve decided to replan. Open to suggestions of short domestic destinations!